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Top plate material
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Color Series

Play to the fullest with guitars from our color series! You can choose from the widest range of materials, finishes and adornments. You can always rely on top-of-the-line sound and precision workmanship. For the most demanding players, we have the Rainbow Series range where you can design your own custom guitar to meet your expectations!

Violet G SY Furch Guitars Violet D SY Furch Guitars

Violet Series

Price from € 849

Indigo Deluxe CY D Furch Guitars Indigo Plus G CY Furch Guitars

Indigo Series

Price from € 910

Blue Plus Gc CM Front Furch Guitars Blue D CM Front Furch Guitars

Blue Series

Price from € 1 176

Furch Green Master's Choice with Sunburst Green OM SR Front Furch Guitars

Green Series

Price from € 1 832

Yellow Gc SR Furch Guitars Yellow Plus OM CP Furch Guitars

Yellow Series

Price from € 2 300

Orange Gc SR Furch Guitars Orange OOM SR Furch Guitars

Orange Series

Price from € 2 844

Red G LC Furch Guitars Red Gc SR Furch Guitars

Red Series

Price from € 3 061

Furch Rainbow

Rainbow Series

Price from € 2 595

Additional Instruments

Still haven't decided? Take a look at our wide range of nylon and vintage guitars for all types of musicians. And don’t overlook our specialty for travel lovers – the unique travel guitar, Little Jane, which you can fit in a backpack and take with you on your adventure. If you are looking for something truly outstanding, check out our limited editions.

Vintage 2 OM SR Furch Guitars Vintage 3 OMc SR Furch Guitars


Price from € 1 984

Grand Nylon

Price from € 1 431

Little Jane Furch Guitars Little Jane Furch Guitars

Travel Guitars

Price from € 1 445

Limited Edition 2019 Furch Guitars Limited 2020 Furch Guitars

Limited Editions

Price from € 2 499

Discontinued Models

2017 Now
40 Violet SY
No predecessor Indigo CY
No predecessor Indigo Deluxe CY
No predecessor Indigo Plus CY
20-CM, 21-SW Blue CM, SW
22-CM Green SM
22-SR Green SR
23-CR, 23-SF, 23-CR Elite Yellow SR, Yellow CR
24-SR, 24-SF Yellow Plus SP
No predecessor Orange SR
25-SR Red SR, Red Pure SR
2017 Now
30-SM No successor
31-SR, 31-SM Vintage 1 SR, Vintage 1 SM
32-SM No successor
33-SR No successor
34-SR Vintage 2
35-SR Vintage 3
GN2-SW, GN2-CR GNc 2-SW, GNc 2-CW
GN4-SR, GN4-CR GNc 4-SR, GNc 4-CR
LJ10-CM LJ 10-CM
61-CM, 61-CM 5 No successor
62-SW, 62-SW 5 No successor

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