A nine-string guitar delivers a highly balanced blend of the treble and bass strings. The high E and B strings are doubled by strings with the same gauge, and the wound G string is doubled by a plain string tuned an octave higher. The doubled strings produce a rich sound. In contrast, the D, A, and low E strings are single, and their sound is focused. This combination makes the nine-string guitar an indispensable workhorse, especially suited for solo stage performances or get-togethers with friends.

The nine-string option is available on Blue, Blue Deluxe, Green, Yellow, Yellow Plus, Yellow Deluxe, Red Pure, Red, and Red Deluxe models at an extra charge of €154.

For additional information, contact your Furch Guitars dealer.

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Proprietary string attachment

Because the angle at which each string passes over the saddle has a considerable effect on the sound, the angle must be the same for all of the strings. The solution cannot achieve this because the angle at which the strings pass over the bridge is different for each bridge pins. Our proprietary solution features each of the main strings attached with a standard bridge pin, while each of the extra strings passes through a channel from the rear end of the bridge to a point behind the saddle that ensures that the string crosses the saddle at the same angle as the main string. This way, the string break angle is the same for each string, which translates into uniform resonance properties for all nine strings.

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