Al Di Meola


A bona fide guitar hero and perennial poll-winner, Al Di Meola has been recognized internationally over...

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Per Gessle


Per Håkan Gessle is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonicist. He is the lead singer...

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Suzanne Vega


Suzanne Vega is a well-known american singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. Her music career...

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Gerry Leonard


Gerry Leonard is a Irish born guitar player, now based in New York, USA. His distinctive ambient style...

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Mike Visceglia


Native New Yorker Michael Visceglia got his professional start as a bassist touring with Welsh rocker,...

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United Kingdom

Kipper (born Mark Eldridge) is a Grammy and Emmy winning guitarist, keyboardist and music producer, known...

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David Knopfler

United Kingdom

David Knopfler is a British singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, record producer, poet, and book...

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Damian Lynn

Switzerland - G23-CR CUT

Jamie Meyer


Jamie Meyer is a Swedish singer, guitar player, songwriter, "Best Singer/Songwriter" winner at the L.A....

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Adrian Bellue


Adrian Bellue is an international performing and recording artist that utilizes unique fingerstyle techniques...

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Paul Batto

Slovenia- G23-SF CUT, FN23-CR

Andi Almqvist


Andi Almqvist is a Swedish singer, musician and composer known for his dark, cinematic sound and haunting...

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Arkadiusz Wasik

Poland - S24-SR CUT

Juha Savela


Juha Savela is a guitar player from Finland performing in two with an opera singer Waltteri Torikka,...

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Glen Hansard


Glen Hansard is an Irish singer, songwriter, actor and guitarist for Irish group The Frames. He also...

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Jamie Winchester

Ireland - OM34-SR, D22-SR



Alexsson is a versatile singer/songwriter and producer accomplishing elements of pop, jazz, classic...

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Tomi Tajakka, Matias Haavisto (Steve ´N´ Seagulls)

Finland - D34-SR, OOM34-SR

Neil Tatar


Neil Tatar’s latest album, After The Rain, is a moving collection of ten original compositions, contemporary...

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Magda Piskorczyk

Poland - B61-CM, DX 61-CM

Kiz (Oceans)

United Kingdom - D24-SR CUT



Halm is a young "country/americana-band" from Sweden playing country and bluegrass music. After releasing...

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Sergey Vishnyakov


Sergey Vishnyakov plays the guitar in Russia's most popular folk-rock band - Melnitsa. The band has...

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Maia Hirasawa


Maia - a half Swedish, half Japanese singer, songwriter, guitar and piano player Maia Hirasawa, playing...

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Alex Kabasser


Alex Kabasser is an Austrian fingerstyle guitarist. He has done classical training and holds a degree...

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Róbert Hrutka

Hungary - G42-CR CUT

Erik Söderlind


Guitarist and composer Erik Söderlind are a musicians who defines the modern Swedish jazz scene. Or as...

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Germany - B61-CM5

Alessandro “Asso” Stefana


Alessandro “Asso” Stefana is an Italian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. He...

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Adam Crossman


Adam is a solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist emerging from the small town of Bethany, Ontario. Simultaneously...

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Dave Gunning


“Truly, what makes Gunning so remarkable as an entertainer is his rare gift to be able to befriend the...

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Danika and the Jeb


If when you hear the term ‘acoustic duo’ you imagine two people sitting on stools, lightly strumming...

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Kyle Cox


Dylan Ryche


Dylan Ryche is a composer and musician based in Ontario, Canada.Taking inspiration from such diverse...

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Jonathan Lawson (The Railers)


Diana Jones


Diana Jones is an American singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Jones's career gained wider...

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Donovan Raitt


Cory Landry


Cory is a singer/songwriter from South Louisiana. Cory spans the southern US region performing on his...

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An acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, Kunle’s folk and soul music bridges contemporary styles...

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Kevin Ramessar


A two-time winner of First Place for guitar at the Canadian Music Competitions, Kevin has delighted listeners...

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David Koller

Czech Republic

David Koller is a Czech singer, songwriter, drummer and music producer. One of the most significant Czech...

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Aneta Langerová

Czech Republic - D23-CR

Vlasta Redl

Czech Republic - many instruments

Michael Vašíček

Czech Republic - MF21-CM, F22-SR, SilFolk 63-SR

Albert Černý (Charlie Straight, Lake Malawi)

Czech Republic

Albert Cerny is a Czech singer, songwriter and guitarist. In years 2006-2013 he was the lead singer of...

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Czech Republic - RS34-SR, Bar22-SR

Martin Harich


Martin has finished on the 4th place and a few weeks later he released out his first album “Príbeh snov“...

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Czech Republic

Voxel is a Czech folk-pop singer-songwriter. We are happy to hear his words: "Furch is a surety, tradition...

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Czech Republic - D34-SR, D24-SF CUT

Xavier Baumaxa

Czech Republic - D23-SF CUT, LJ10-CM, GNc4-SR

Xindl X

Czech Republic - OM34-SR, MF22-SF

František Černý (Čechomor)

Czech Republic - OM23-CR

Roman Helcl (November 2nd)

Czech Republic - OM33-SR, OOM35-SR, MF22-SF

Matěj Homola

Czech Republic

Having studied photography, Matěj began his career in media specializing in skateboarding and snowboarding....

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Light and Love

Czech Republic

This Czech brotherly duo starred with hits such as "Blueberry Sky" or "Calling" which belonged to the...

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Miroslav “Míša” Leicht

Czech Republic - D32-SM

Věra Martinová

Czech Republic - OM25-CR CUT, LJ10-CM

Olda Krejčoves

Czech Republic - Yellow Plus G-CR

Michal Pelant

Czech Republic - D33-SR

Thom Artway

Czech Republic

Thom Artway is a Czech pop-folk singer-songwriter and guitar player. He started as a busker in Prague,...

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Czech Republic - OOM34-SR

Michal Němec (Jablkoň)

Czech Republic - C21-CM, A17-40-CM

The Fellas

Czech Republic - S25-CR

Ian Yvese

Czech Republic - D25-SK CUT, D25-SK 12 CUT

Oskar Petr

Czech Republic - Sil DX 61-CM, S23-SF CUT

Jaroslav Albert Kronek

Czech Republic

Jaroslav Albert Kronek – Czech singer, composer, and lyricist, the frontman of the legendary Brno-based...

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Petra “Šany” Šanclová

Czech Republic - G25-CR CUT

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