7-string hlava

Unprecedented Tonal Range

The development of the Furch 7-string guitar has been catalyzed by the increasing demand for sonic experimentation among the more adventurous acoustic players who find themselves in need of an expanded tonal range. While our baritone model offers the deep bass of the low B string, all of its remaining strings are tuned a fourth below standard tuning as well, posing a tradeoff for some players. Our 7-string model combines the benefit of an added low B string with the lush sound of the remaining 6 strings which are in standard tuning, similarly to a 7-string electric guitar. This makes our 7-string version a valuable tool for the more daring acoustic player interested in playing acoustic renditions of heavy genres, alternative forms of fingerstyle such as slapping and thumping, or any arrangements that depend on chord voicings with deep low end, while maintaining the other strings in standard tuning.

7-string kobylka

Details and Specifications

The 7-string version has 60 mm string spacing at the bridge and a 48 mm nut with 40 mm string spacing. Similarly to all Furch guitars, it features Elixir Ph-Br Nanoweb 12-53 strings, with an added .059″ gauge B string. The bridge and the nut of the 7-string version are designed and manufactured in-house in order to faithfully transfer the vibrations of the seventh string in the best way possible, ensuring the extraordinary resonance Furch guitars have been known for. It is available for Blue, Blue Deluxe, Green, Yellow, Yellow Plus, Yellow Deluxe, Red Pure, Red, and Red Deluxe lines of our Color series, as well as the Rainbow series, at a minimum extra charge of 223EUR.

For additional information, please contact your Furch Guitars dealer.

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