All Furch guitars are covered by an extended three-year warranty. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage and damage caused by climatic conditions, such as high or low humidity and temperature. Moreover, the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, lack of maintenance, unauthorized repairs, and servicing performed outside the official network of Furch Guitars servicing partners.

If you encounter an issue with your Furch instrument that you believe qualifies as a warranty claim, require a repair, or simply wish to provide preventive maintenance for your guitar, please reach out to the Furch retailer where you originally purchased the instrument. Members of the Furch distribution network are dedicated professionals, and we will do our utmost to assist you. The decision to acknowledge the validity of a complaint rests with the seller of the specific instrument.

For non-warranty services, we also recommend reaching out to the retailer or contacting our customer support at:


Phone: +420 910 902 139 (available Monday – Friday, 9:00-15:00 CET)

Transportation costs for the instrument are always the responsibility of the consumer. Please be aware that if you are shipping from outside the EU to Furch Guitars Czech Republic, a handling fee of 161 EUR (incl. VAT)/instrument, in addition to repair/service costs, will apply.

Mechanical Damage

Protection from mechanical damage is of paramount importance for keeping your Furch guitar in a top shape. We recommend that you buy our Hiscox hardshell case or high-quality gigbag to protect your instrument. Both options provide the best protection available in their class. The Hiscox case comes as a standard accessory with Furch Yellow Series and higher Furch models. If your instrument sustains any damage, contact your Furch Guitars dealer for repair advice.


Humidity can have a significant effect on the playability and overall condition of your guitar. Relative humidity in the area where your guitar is kept most of the time should remain within 45-65%. Low humidity can cause the soundboard to sink and result in a low action and fret buzz. In extreme cases, low humidity can cause the soundboard to crack. Conversely, high humidity can cause the soundboard to expand, which raises the action and makes the guitar difficult to play. Even though Furch guitars are designed to retain their acoustic properties and to remain stable despite changes in the surrounding environment, you should pay close attention to the conditions in which you keep your instrument. Depending on the relative humidity in which your guitar is kept, we recommend protecting your instruments using a humidifier or a humidity absorber placed inside the guitar case. Do not hesitate to contact the nearest Furch Guitars dealer for advice and assistance with setting up your guitar.

Servicing Pack

For your convenience, your Furch guitar comes with a servicing pack containing several tools and spare parts for guitar setup and maintenance. The servicing pack contains a hexagonal Allen key for truss rod adjustment, several spare bridge pins, and an undersaddle shim for raising the action if necessary.


All six-string Furch guitars are strung with Elixir Bronze or Elixir Phosphor-Bronze 012-053 strings. You can use heavier strings up to gauges 013-056 without voiding the warranty. If you use considerably lighter or heavier strings than the standard gauges 012-053, a truss rod adjustment or action adjustment might be necessary. That typically happens after several days, when the neck and the soundboard have adapted to the higher or lower tension of the new strings. All twelve-string Furch guitars are strung with Elixir Phosphor-Bronze 010-047 strings.

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