Watch Alexx Calise demo, take apart and reassemble the remarkably dependable, well-built and compact acoustic

In recent years, the acoustic specialists at Furch have muscled their way to the top of the game, with builds and designs that stand shoulder to shoulder with the Martins, Taylors and Yamahas of the world.

One of the prime examples of the Czech company’s innovation is its LJ10-CM travel guitar, also known as the ‘Little Jane.’ 

Our good friend Alexx Calise recently happened to get her hands on one, and – impressed with its remarkably straightforward and compact design and incredible build quality – kindly gave us a tour of the instrument. 

Featuring a Western red cedar top, African mahogany back and sides, and a beautiful open-pore finish, the Little Jane certainly kills with its looks, but where it really shines is in its ridiculously fast assembly process.

As Alexx demonstrates in her video, the Little Jane can be assembled – from a backpack – in no time, and will be in tune and ready to play no matter how long it’s been since you last used it. What else do you need from a travel guitar, really?

Author: Jackson Maxwell

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