Premium Quality Tonewoods

The sound of every guitar mainly depends on the species and quality of tonewoods used in its construction. With that in mind, we pay meticulous attention to selecting the best possible materials. The tonewoods used in building Furch guitars come from five continents. We have a sorting process that includes several stages during which a number of parameters are evaluated. These parameters differ slightly for tonewoods used to make the top, the sides, and the back. Our partners are the world’s leading suppliers, which guarantees that Furch instruments are made of the very best tonewoods.

To achieve optimal acoustic response, the soundboard of nearly all our guitars is made from soft tonewoods with pronounced parallel grain. The key characteristics of the soundboard on which the evaluation process is focused include rigidity, the concentricity, regularity, thickness, and cross-sectional perpendicularity of annual rings, the evenness of color across the entire top plate, and the presence of imperfections in the wood that give every soundboard a unique look. Tonewoods used in making the soundboard of Furch guitars are classified according to quality using the following grading scale: master grade, AAA, AA, A+.

The back and sides of Furch guitars are made from tonewoods originating in various parts of the world. The density and grain patterns of these woods differ considerably, and their physical properties are consequently more diverse than the parameters of woods used in making the top plate. Tonewoods for the back are carefully assessed with regard to rigidity, grain pattern, and presence of imperfections. Tonewoods used in making the back and sides of Furch guitars are classified according to quality using the following grading scale: master grade, AAA, AA, A.

The highest quality premium tonewoods are mainly reserved for crafting RAINBOW custom guitars. They pass a multi-stage selection process, and their quality ranges from AAA to master grade.

Furch and Environmental Protection

Woods are a precious gift from the Earth, and we make maximum effort to show our respect and protect natural resources. All materials used in manufacturing Furch guitars come with a harvest origin certificate. Apart from woods carrying CITES and FSC certificates, we offer a number of models made from materials that provide a great alternative to exotic woods, such as European maple and black walnut. Visit your nearest Furch authorized dealer to experience the tonal qualities of one of our guitar models made from these original tonewoods.

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