Our mission is to design and produce instruments that allow everyone to fully express their potential for musical creativity and performance.

In following our mission, we focus on a few key aspects:


For us, communication with an instrument is not a one-way dialogue. If the player hits a string or taps the wood, the instrument responds back via sound but also via structural vibration. The better the response, the more information the player receives, and nothing inspires playing and composing more than symbiosis with your instrument. With this in mind, we strive to design our instruments to always provide an outstanding physical response.

Purity of Sound

The player is an important person, a unique individual. Equally important, however, is the listener. Whether it’s for a stadium full of people or just the lone player strumming to themselves, our instruments are designed and built to transfer all the instrument’s nuances to those listening. Furthermore, we are continuously improving the acoustic performance of our instruments in an effort to extract more and more of their potential.

In-house Production

To produce a superior-sounding acoustic instrument, it is essential to have a precise production process. For some components of the acoustic instrument, changes of hairline thickness can have a huge positive impact on the sound and playability. We produce all our instruments in-house, which provides us with the environment we need for designing unique and effective production processes and design solutions. The result is a superior quality of construction, sound, aesthetics and longevity for each instrument.“

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