20The company aims to replenish the woods used in its yearly production process.

With the goal of environmental sustainability, Furch Guitars has struck a deal with Panamanian indigenous community Arimae to replenish the exotic woods used annually in the company’s production line.

Under the agreement, the Czech brand will provide financial assistance to Arimae for the care of six hectares of exotic woods, corresponding to the brand’s annual production needs. This comprises four hectares of cocobolo (dalbergia retusa) and two hectares of mahogany (swietenia macrophylla).

Commenting on the partnership, Furch CEO Petr Furch said, “we want to compensate nature as well as society for the amount of wood we consume. Apart from cocobolo and mahogany, we plan to extend our support to other wood species in the future”.

Author: Daniel Ong

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