Once you see Johnson put the Dc-SR SPE, OMc-SR and Little Jane through their paces, you’ll want to take all three for a spin yourself

Few feelings are as satisfying or exciting for guitarists as unzipping a case to play a newly acquired electric or acoustic guitar for the first time. 

Thanks to guitarist Justin Johnson though, you can relive that feeling right now, without spending a dime, as you watch him unbox three gorgeous, superbly-built acoustics from Furch. 

In the video, follow along as Johnson details his first impressions of Furch’s Dc-SR SPE, OMc-SR and Little Jane models, while taking all three for a spin with some beautiful fingerpicking, breezy strumming and even some tasty acoustic slide work. 

As you’ll notice, Johnson has little but good things to say about all three, offering particular praise for the amazingly creative Little Jane travel guitar, which – in an awesome aesthetic touch – comes in a backpack.

“I cannot freaking believe that’s in tune,” Johnson says of the Little Jane, which was ready to play immediately upon its (super fast and easy) assembly. “This has been sitting in this bag for weeks, and had the headstock detached. That is crazy!”

Author: Jackson Maxwell

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