The Furch Red Plus series guitar are about as high-end as you want from a factory-produced guitar. It’s got all mastergrade woods, premium hardware, and detailed craftsmanship. This is a grand auditorium with cutaway.

So we got master grade Sitka top with really tight grains and silking. Bridge and fretboard are figured ziricote. Rosette and bindings are koa. Wow.

Here’s a look at the lovely rosewood grains. Again, master grade wood means straight tight grains. Koa centre strip and bindings all over. I think the purfling lines are maple. Apologies for the poor photo here, I had to eliminate reflections on the impeccable finish.

Fit and Finish

Look at all the nice wood bindings and purfling lines… wow. We’ve got padauk/maple purfling on koa bindings all around the body, and koa binding the fretboard and headstock.

I ran my fingers round the inside edge of the soundhole, and as expected, it is flawless. The insides of the soundboard can easily be a stain finished guitar if it was flipped inside-out. All glue joints are neat and clean, just flawless work here.

Quick Tone Impressions

Initial thoughts from playing this, the guitar has great clarity and balance. It is almost on par with a dreadnought for volume and power, but it scores high on clarity when you dig in. No signs of muddiness that may plagued some dreads when strummed heavily.

Not sure if it’s the TUSQ saddle or new strings, I actually find the guitar a lil’ bright for a rosewood/spruce build. Let’s see if the strings will set in and bring in more warmth. If not, a bone saddle will be the next move.

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