A while ago we took a look at a new approach to neck design on one of Furch Guitars’ acoustics, which not only made everything more stable and stronger, but looked rather cool too. So when we began thinking about travel guitars, I must admit I was interested to see what the company’s approach would be. Needless to say it is innovative in the extreme.

We have all tried travel guitars and generally they are pretty dire. Cut down, low quality, with the best excuse for that being that you won’t get too upset if you lose them or they get damaged. But what if we want to play something nice, or god forbid are a working musician? Where can we get a top quality guitar that is safe as your carry-on luggage?

Furch then have started exactly there. With no reduction in the quality of the instrument, they have re-imagined exactly what a travel guitar can be and then created it perfectly. So, we have a solid cedar top, mahogany sides and even tortie binding. For the neck we have a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard – ebony, not plastic-o-lite – and most important of all a 45 mm nut spacing and full scale neck.

Hardware is equally good, with an LR Baggs active pickup, and it even comes with a top quality backpack/gigbag.

But it is the way the guitar can be (de)constructed quickly, over and over without fear of parts wearing that is the most impressive. Check out the photos and see what you can think.

This really is a work of art, and yes the price may be higher than some, but if you are in the market for the real deal, this may just be the perfect travel guitar for you, one that you will never need to replace.

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