Let us introduce our one-of-a-kind, solid-wood “Little Jane” travel guitar as a limited edition for 2020. This instrument stands out by combining first-class material, precision craftsmanship and a unique assembly system that allows for quick and easy assembly in to a fully functioning instrument and then disassembly to a compact size which fits in a travel bag the size of a standard backpack. This guitar is always ready for an adventure.

The main assembly design feature is the robust latching mechanism made from high-quality stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. This provides robust and reliable attachment of the removable neck to the guitar’s body. A special recess in the guitar’s side serves to protect the neck of the guitar during transport. This also enhances the enjoyment for the player by directing a surprisingly projecting sound towards the player’s ear. The uncompromising, compact transport size of the instrument is also achieved via removable headstock, which can be safely stored after disassembly in a special pocket in the travel bag. Further convenience is illustrated by a 45mm(1 3/4″)-wide fretboard and 55mm (2 3/16″) bridge string spacing, which does not correspond to travel guitar dimensions, but to those of full-size acoustics.

First-class in every aspect

The top plate of the Furch Little Jane Limited 2020-LC is made from rare Alpine Spruce. Its beautiful sound, with slightly pronounced highs, allows for our special individual soundboard voicing process. The back and sides are exotic Cocobolo. The instrument’s body is coated in our specially formulated, thin, open-pore finish which accentuates the natural visual and tonal properties of the chosen woods. The overall stylish appearance of the guitar is underscored by a number of decorative elements, namely the Padauk body binding, Walnut purfling, annular rosette with Abalone inlay and mother-of-pearl side fret markers. A tuning locking mechanism, Furch Machine, is also present and ensures that the guitar stays in tune even after disassembly and reassembly.

The Furch Little Jane Limited 2020-LC comes standard without electronics but can be fitted with an optional LR Baggs Element Active System – Volume Tone Control (EAS-VTC) pickup system, which has a wide dynamic range and also accurately transmits all the nuances of the player and the acoustic subtleties of the guitar. The electronics can be installed in the sound hole, hidden from view, with no modification to the body, and allow for very convenient adjustment.

The Furch Little Jane Limited 2020-LC production run will be limited to 120 units. As with the other limited edition models, the production volume is final and the same configuration will not be used on any other future models. The Furch Little Jane Limited 2020-LC will be available through Furch authorized sellers starting in March. For those interested, pre-orders are currently being accepted.

Little Jane limited edition 2020 Furch Guitars

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