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We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year! And because we would like to celebrate it with you as well, we have prepared a special Instagram competition for you, the face of which is none other than the American folk singer Suzanne Vega!

Suzanne wrote one of her greatest hits four decades ago, which still inspires many artists. We are talking about Tom’s diner! You all know it for sure, and you’ve surely plucked it on guitar a time or two. Now you have a unique opportunity to present us your fresh version of this song and win one of the three Furch acoustic guitars! In addition, the grand prize winner can look forward to an exclusive trip to Furch Guitars’ headquarters in the Czech Republic!




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1st place

Exclusive trip to Furch Guitars + Furch Little Jane

All-inclusive trip to Furch Guitars headquarters in the Czech Republic, including a factory tour and a visit to the showroom.

A unique travel guitar made from red cedar and African mahogany, which can be easily disassembled and stored in a travel case the size of a regular backpack.

2nd place

Furch Yellow Deluxe SR COMING SOON!

Six-string acoustic guitar in solid wood design made of Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood, complemented by the popular ergonomic element Bevel Duo.

The radiant appearance of this instrument is underscored by a high-gloss, full-pore finish and decorative details of green abalone and white mother-of-pearl. The guitar comes with a highly durable Hiscox case.

3rd place

Furch Blue Deluxe CM COMING SOON!

Six-string acoustic guitar in solid wood design made from red cedar and African mahogany, complemented by the popular ergonomic element Bevel Duo.

The delicate natural look of the instrument is highlighted by an open-pore finish and a series of dark adornments - black pickguard, black body binding and a double ring rosette with walnut inlay.


  • The competition runs from 19.4.2021 to 27.5.2021.
  • Any profile following @furchguitars on Instagram can compete.
  • To participate in the competition, record your own acoustic version of the song “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega on your Instagram profile.
  • No limit to band size and instrument count used create your cover, however everything must be acoustic and only one person per cover can win.
  • The minimum recording length is 30 seconds.
  • Add the hashtag #jamwithsuzanne and add @furchguitars to your entry.
  • We will announce the winner on June 5th, 2021.
  • The organizer of the competition Furch Guitars s.r.o. reserves the right to change the rules of the competition within fair play!

Contest terms & conditions


Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega is a well-known american singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. Her music career spans more than 40 years. Among her highest-charted songs belong Luka, Tom’s Diner, Left of Centre, Marlene on the Wall.

Gerry Leonard

Gerry Leonard is an Irish born guitar player, now based in New York, USA. His distinctive ambient style has led to working with many great artists over the years, such as David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, Laurie Anderson, Roger Waters, and Duncan Sheik.


Kipper is a Grammy and Emmy winning guitarist, keyboardist and music producer, known mostly from his cooperation with Gary Numan and for producing and performing on Sting’s best-selling solo album “Brand New Day” as well as the platinum albums “All This Time” and “Sacred Love”.

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