Bc 62-SW 4

Sitka Spruce / Black Walnut

  • Four-string acoustic bass guitar made from solid woods.
  • High-quality tonewoods.
  • Proprietary design features and production technologies, including proprietary soundboard design and the revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint.
  • Refined natural appearance featuring open-pore finish, faux tortoise body binding, and side white mother-of-pearl dot position markers.
  • Fretted or fretless versions available.

Carbon footprint of Bc 62-SW 4

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Before 36,5 kg

After 2020 14,6 kg

The Bc 62-SW 4 is a solid-wood acoustic-electric bass guitar engineered to deliver a superb sound. The soundboard features a proprietary construction that includes an unconventional soundhole designed to enhance low-end response. The combination of an Sitka spruce soundboard and black walnut back and sides produces a perfect tonal balance. The bass comes with an undersaddle pickup, an internal microphone, and LR Baggs Anthem SL electronics.

Open-Pore Finish

The Bc 62-SW 4 features Open-Pore Finish, a special thin finish that promotes the natural sonic qualities of tonewoods and provides an excellent level of surface protection. The finish accentuates low frequencies and produces a natural woody sound.

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Povrchová úprava Furch Guitars

Stylish binding

The instrument owes its stylish appearance to binding made from faux tortoise.

Lemování Furch Guitars

Furch CNR System® Neck Design

A high precision, dual-action truss rod maintains neck stability and allows for fine adjustment of the neck relief, bilaterally. The truss rod is housed in a highly rigid carbon casing which enables a very smooth and controlled neck relief, ensuring the best playability and enduring optimal setup.

More about Furch CNR System®

CNR neck Furch Guitars
  1. A fully adjustable dual-action truss rod for highly precise adjustment of the neck bow in both the convex and concave directions.
  2. A highly rigid carbon casing that maintains the neck in the set position over a period much longer than is the case with standard neck joint designs and, at the same time, facilitates a gradual bow in the neck, a factor of essential importance for playability.
  3. A casting made of special alloy located inside the neck heel that ensures a stable position of the neck and its angle vis-à-vis the body.

Fretless version

The Bc 62-SW 4 is also available as a fretless version which can produce tones approximating those of a double bass.

LR Baggs Anthem

The instrument comes with LR Baggs Anthem SL electronic offering a balanced frequency response with excellent clarity for the purest amplified sound.

Snímač Furch Guitars

Excellent machine heads

The Bc 62-SW 4 has an excellent tuning stability courtesy of Furch Machine Black Chrome machine heads with a highly precise 1:18 gear ratio.

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Available body shapes Bc
Neck-to-body joint 15th fret
Solid top - grade Sitka spruce - AA
Solid back and sides - grade Black walnut - A
Binding Faux tortoise
Bridge Ebony
Saddle TUSQ Black
Bridge string spacing 57 mm
Top finish Open-Pore Finish
Back and sides finish Open-Pore Finish


Nut width 41 mm
Neck reinforcement CNR System with dual-action adjustment
Neck profile Furch Bass D
Scale length 860 mm
Fingerboard material Eben
Fingerboard radius 400 mm
Fingerboard side inlay White pearl position dots
Fret finish Brushed
Headstock overlay Ebony
Neck material African Mahogany
Machine heads Furch Machine Black Chrome - gear ratio 1:18
Zero fret Black TUSQ
Nut string spacing 32 mm
Strings Elixir Bass Nickel Plated Steel Nanoweb 45-100; D`Addario Chrome XL Flat Wound 45-100 (fretless)
Neck finish Open-Pore Finish with antibacterial additive
Headstock finish Open-Pore Finish


Compatible gigbag/case
High-protection gigbag
Available pickups
LR Baggs Anthem SL - soundhole-mounted / integral to instrument

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