One hundred percent. That is exactly how much electricity we get from renewable sources, such as solar, biogas, water, wind and biomass. We cooperate with large energy suppliers, whose ecological approach we try to support, and in this way, motivate them for its long-term production. From a global perspective, this method seems more efficient and more sustainable in the long run than the production of our own energy.

In addition to its sustainability, another advantage of energy from renewable sources is also a significant reduction in the amount of a COproduced during its production. By switching to green energy, we have managed to reduce our overall carbon footprint by up to 83% while maintaining the same level of electricity consumption. When gas and automotive fuels are included, which are part of our operational consumption, the total decrease in CO2 is approximately 60%. Just to give you an idea, we have reduced the average carbon footprint for each guitar we produce from 35.3kg to 14.1kg of CO2.

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