Sergey Vishnyakov


G23-SF CUT with LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem, S21-CR CUT with LR Baggs M1A, A17-CM, GN2-CW, D40-CM, S40-CM 12

Sergey Vishnyakov plays guitar in Russia’s most popular folk-rock band – Melnitsa. The band has released seven full-length CDs, as well as a number of EPs, singles and hit collections. The band is known to have topped the “Nashe Radio” charts regularly, and regularly attracts crowds to the largest venues in the country. “Melnitsa” has received two FUZZ awards and three “Top-13” awards from Nashe Radio (best live show and best singer).

The band has played and headlined such prominent festivals as “Nashestvie”, “Chartova Dyuzhina”, “Dikaya Myata”, “Krylya”, among many others. The launch of “Dikie Travy” CD in the Olympiyskiy sports hall in 2009 had a full house attendance, as did the 15-year anniversary of the band in Stadium LIVE in 2014 (5500 people).

Apart from working in “Melnitsa”, Sergey is part of the “36’6” duo with the band leader Natalia O’Shea a.k.a. Hellawes. He also works with Hellawes on her solo projects, including two CDs. Sergey is in demand as a session musician and a tutor.

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