In the past two years, we have been actively investing into state-of-the-art technologies that help improve some of our production procedures and thus achieve a higher production capacity and instrument quality at the same time. We responded to the series of challenges manifesting in growing demand and insufficient workforce due to the recent pandemic.

The gradual optimization of the technologies also allowed us to manufacture selected solid guitars at the cost of semi-solid instruments. Therefore, we have decided to end our production of layered mahogany guitars.

“Our mission is to design and produce instruments that allow everyone to fully express their potential for musical creativity and performance. To achieve that and to continue to increase the quality, we must continue pushing our production forward and modern technologies are definitely very helpful in this area”, said Petr Furch.

“The technologies we are building and using at Furch are primarily designed for solid instruments that have represented more than 80% of our production until now. We have achieved a lot of success thanks to their implementation, such as more precise voicing of soundboards or a better surface finish, which also have a positive effect on the guitar sound”, said Petr.

“In terms of our internal development and the massive inflation that the world has otherwise been facing, we have even found ourselves in a situation where the production of semi-solid guitars was more expensive than the production of solid instruments. That’s how effective the proper use of modern technologies in the production of guitars can be”.

The end of semi-solid guitar production will affect the Indigo Series and Violet Series. While the Indigo Series will completely end, Violet guitars will be replaced with the solid Violet SM and Violet Master’s Choice models.

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