We have enlarged our portfolio of semi-solid guitars by new Furch Indigo Deluxe CY. Based on the basic Indigo model, the new offering features attractive appointments that are typical for higher-series instruments.

The Furch Indigo Deluxe CY model has a solid American red cedar soundboard and layered mahogany back and sides. The back plate is pressed into an arch and requires no bracing. This design has a favorable effect on the guitar’s resonance and helps produce a very dynamic, strong sound, which is typical for all INDIGO models.

The combination of cedar and mahogany lends the Furch Indigo Deluxe CY model not only a warm, balanced sound, but also a striking amber look, which is underscored by a rosette featuring a solid ring made from Indian rosewood. The same wood is also used for the soundboard binding and it is complemented by black and white lines. The fingerboard features white mother-of-pearl side and front position markers.

The overall appearance and acoustic qualities of the materials and tonewoods used in the construction of the Furch Indigo Deluxe CY model are enhanced by Furch’s proprietary ultrathin Open-Pore Finish, which provides excellent surface protection. In addition, the soundboard is protected by a faux tortoise pickguard that features a transparent extension near the soundhole to preserve the pure design of the rosette.

Furch Indigo Deluxe CY is available in the dreadnought and grand auditorium body shapes with no cutaway. The model will be available in stores in September.

More about Furch Indigo Deluxe CY.

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