The neck is, by nature, one of the areas of a guitar most touched by the skin. While playing, a number of microorganisms arise, which can have a negative impact on your health. We have therefore decided to supplement our current full and open pore neck finishes with a certified antibacterial varnish containing silver nanoparticles. These bind to the proteins of microorganisms, reliably destroying them. However, the varnish does not contain any dangerous chemical substances, making it anti-allergenic and extra gentle on the skin.

In addition to protecting your health, the composition of the new antibacterial varnish also has a positive effect on your playing comfort. The satin finish is even more smooth which reduces friction at the hand while moving along the neck of the guitar, allowing for faster and more accurate playing.

This new antibacterial varnish is standard on all Furch acoustic guitars with serial number 95787 and higher. These instruments are already available at our authorized dealers.

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