Inherently, traditional acoustic guitar bodies have always had relatively sharp outer edges, which may have a negative effect on the player’s comfort, especially during extended playing. This is why we are implementing a new ergonomic feature, the Bevel Duo, comprised of two bevels – one in front, at the forearm and one in the rear, at the rib position. The combination of these two bevels provides a substantial increase in playing comfort and also enhances the exclusive appearance of the instrument.

“A bevel is one of the most complicated manufacturing operations possible in the production of acoustic guitars. Even more complicated is to apply this to both the top and back. This is why most guitar makers only bevel the top plate. But we have decided to apply it on the back plate as well, and the result is really outstanding. Bevel Duo allows players to play all-out for extended periods without negatively affecting their comfort,” states Petr Furch.

The ergonomic Bevel Duo feature will be standard on all our new Red Deluxe models starting in January 2020 and will also be available as a custom option for the entire Rainbow Series line.


Bevel Duo Furch Guitars

Bevel Duo Furch Guitars

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