Apart from blackwood, the guitar’s exclusive look is enhanced by two other exotic wood species. African padauk is featured in the binding, rosette, soundboard inlay, and unconventional rectangular fingerboard inlays that help the player with orientation together with original linear side position markers made of mother-of-pearl. The fingerboard, the bridge, and the headstock overlay are made from ziricote.

The guitar’s striking appearance and acoustic qualities are underscored by an ultra-thin (160 µm) layer of consistent high-gloss UV finish, which enhances resonance and provides maximum protection at the same time.

The Furch Limited 2018 model will be made in a limited quantity of 75 guitars. The model will feature the OM body shape with no cutaway to take maximum advantage of the acoustic characteristics of the tonewoods used in its construction. As was the case with previous limited edition models, the quantity of produced guitars is final, and the same design will not be used in any model made in the future. Furch Limited 2018 guitars will be available in stores in September.

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