Jaroslav Albert Kronek

Czech Republic

Durango D, Yellow Gc-CR

Jaroslav Albert Kronek – Czech singer, composer, and lyricist, the frontman of the legendary Brno-based heavy metal band KERN since 1980, and the author and co-author of such 1980s hits as “Blízko nás“, “Fernetový oči“. Having recorded five singles, seven albums, and one DVD, Jaroslav left KERN after 27 years with the band. He founded the acoustic group ALBAND in 2009 and immediately released an album titled Calibration of Senses. Being the band’s instrumental leader, Jaroslav plays a Furch Durango dreadnought, a guitar he claims has changed his life by giving him great inspiration to compose new songs. ALBAND released its second album at the beginning of 2018, featuring Jaroslav and his new Furch instrument – Yellow CR Grand Auditorium.

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