We offer guitar players the option to be a master luthier and design a custom guitar that meets their personal needs and preferences. Players who take advantage of this offer can choose from as many as 160 features and combine them in any way to create a truly unique instrument. Our new line of custom guitars bears the name Rainbow.

Rainbow custom guitars feature a top-notch base configuration, which includes a Sitka spruce soundboard and Indian rosewood back and sides. Both tonewoods are of the master grade variety, the highest available quality. The base design of the Rainbow line can be customized using more than 160 varied features that include body shape, number of strings, materials, appointments, finish, tuning machines, and pickups and electronics. The available custom features can be combined in various ways to create as many as 25,000 different guitar designs.

Even though each Rainbow guitar is to a large extent unique, all Rainbow instruments share top quality premium tonewoods and state-of-the-art production technologies, such as top and back voicing, proprietary extra thin and extra resistant UV finish, and the revolutionary Furch CNR System neck joint, which increases long-term neck stability by as much as 90%. The combination of the best available materials and top technologies not only provides Rainbow models with stunning looks, but even more importantly, it also further enhances the superb acoustic qualities of Furch guitars.

Rainbow guitars can be ordered through our authorized dealers. For more information, please, check the Furch Rainbow Series catalog.

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