Alessandro „Asso“ Stefana


GNc 4-CR

Alessandro “Asso” Stefana is an Italian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.

He is best known for his collaborations like guitarist with PJ Harvey, Mike Patton „Mondocane“, Guano Padano and Vinicio Capossela.

He’s also a founder of the Italian band „Guano Padano“ inspired by the sound of the Italian film soundtracks and Spaghetti western’s music mixed with surf/psychedelia/jazz/country and experimental.

Other collaborations including: Marc Ribot, Alessandro Alessandroni (the renowed whistler of the Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks), Joey Burns (Calexico), Dan Fante, Mark Orton, Bobby Solo, and many others.

„Furch Guitars made an amazing nylon string guitar. I’m really impressed about my GNc 4-CR equipped with LR Baggs Anthem (SL-C). The sweet, warm and incredibly balanced nylon string sound with the combination of a neck of a steel string guitar is a dream come true.“

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