Erik Söderlind



Guitarist and composer Erik Söderlind are a musicians who defines the modern Swedish jazz scene. Or as Mike Stern describe him “a phenomenon – with a unique way of playing and a very personal tone”.

Erik Söderlind’s trademark is his fingerstyle technique, based on his early classical training. Musically he can be described as an innovator rooted in the straight ahead-styles of swing, bebop and blues. His broad musical sensitivity and background has also taken him far beyond the jazz’s domains. He has written music for, and toured, with some of Sweden’s most popular singers such as Louise Hoffsten and Lisa Nilsson.

Erik Söderlind got his first guitar at the age of six and learned to play by spending hours trying to imitate blues icons like Eric Clapton and BB King. Later on he discovered jazz guitar giants like Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Grant Green and fell in love with the art of improvisation, an art form he himself soon learned to master with brilliance.

In 2015 Erik received The Guitar People Prize Sweden, an award given to the best guitar player in Sweden. The same year he released his third solo album “In The Moment” which features artists like Eric Alexander, Lisa Nilsson, Svante Thuresson and Dan Berglund, one of the members of Esbjörn Svensson Trio – EST.

Over the last few years he’s become increasingly better known internationally as well and has played with several of the most influential jazz guitarists in the world, like Frank Vignola and Peter Bernstein.

“A phenomenon – with a unique way of playing and a very personal tone.” – Mike Stern

“One of my absolute favorites among today’s guitarists.” – Georg “Jojje” Wadenius

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