We are introducing the Furch Master’s Choice, an exclusive line of five acoustic models that represent the very best our colour series have to offer. Unlike the standard models, Master’s Choice instruments are made to set specifications, such as the body shape, top and back tonewoods, and fingerboard width. We relied on both the master luthier’s and the master musician’s perspectives in determining these specifications.

Each of the new models is unique and features an exclusive combination of body shape, tonewoods, finish, and appointments. For example, the Red Master’s Choice model, which is designed for highly discriminating guitar players, offers master grade tonewoods, top and back acoustic voicing, striking unconventional appointments, and a resonance enhancing proprietary High-Gloss Finish. In contrast, the Blue Master’s Choice models feature a combination of carefully selected woods, High-Gloss Finish on the soundboard, and stylish, yet restrained, appointments.

All Master’s Choice models are equipped with state-of-the-art LR Baggs electronics. Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Master’s Choice instruments come with a heavy-duty Hiscox hardshell case that provides an excellent level of protection. The Blue Master’s Choice model comes with a first-class soft case featuring additional shell reinforcements in the walls.

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