Our musical instruments are now adorned with a new logo. At first sight, the new and previous versions show little difference because the design of the Furch logo follows a path of natural evolution. Compared to the previous logo, which was in use for 17 years, most of the original curves have been redesigned and small details have been fine-tuned to make the new design lighter and purer. The logo change reflects our commitment to continuing technological development and the high quality of Furch guitars.

In the past, our logo was changed only twice. Until 1996, the headstock of Furch guitars displayed a black and yellow diamond depicting two inverse letters “F”. The original design was replaced with Furch’s handwritten name inlaid in mother-of-pearl. The logo featuring the elegant symbol “F” that became known to guitar players worldwide and was in use during the longest time began to appear on our guitars in 2000.

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