We have been designing and building guitars for nearly 40 years. We love our job. Guitar making is our passion. We draw on extensive knowledge and experience gained over the last four decades to create top-quality instruments that win the hearts of countless outstanding guitar players around the world. But that’s only a part of our role. We constantly strive to improve the quality of Furch guitars by devising state-of-the-art solutions that go beyond the current limits of guitar making.


Sound is the most important consideration for Furch guitars. Making good-sounding instruments has been our main objective since 1981. The excellent acoustic qualities of Furch guitars are the result of state-of-the art technologies and proprietary production processes combined with the use of the best available tonewoods, harvested in strict observance of responsible environmental practices.


Furch guitars are made from the highest quality premium tonewoods with certified origin. We pay meticulous attention to the selection of tonewoods, and the same care is taken in subsequent processing, which includes drying, sorting, and various other tasks. Thanks to fine-tuned wood processing methods, we are able to produce exceptional guitars that charm listeners with outstanding sound and attractive looks.


Every Furch guitar is crafted with accurate precision and maximum attention to detail. Our manufacturing process includes a number of proprietary technologies that rely on expertise we’ve accumulated over the course of four decades. Furch guitars are handmade with the help of machines we have designed to achieve unsurpassed quality.


We are a technological pioneer committed to pushing the limits of guitar making regarding sound, precision, and manufacturing technologies. Furch guitars are the choice of some of the most discerning players from around the world who profit from our technological innovations, such as soundboard voicing, proprietary UV finish that enhances acoustic properties, or the Furch CNR System®, our revolutionary neck reinforcement design.


Furch guitars and their owners deserve the best available care. All our guitars are covered by an extended three-year warranty and come with lifetime support. This way, your guitar will stay in top shape and will be the source of enjoyment throughout your life. Repair and maintenance services can be obtained from the network of Furch authorized dealers.

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